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For Factory Automation, Quality Assurance & Inspection -With a selection of over 100 USB 3 cameras in its portfolio, The Imaging Source offers a USB industrial camera for nearly every application and price point.


The Imaging Source – USB3 Vision Cameras
– For Factory Automation, Quality Assurance, & Inspection
The USB interface enables high bandwidths, making the cameras ideal for high-speed and high-resolution imaging tasks in factory automation, quality assurance and inspection. The cameras’ compliance with the USB3 Vision standard ensures hardware interchangeability and efficient integration with 3rd-party software.

Sensor technology from Sony and ONSemi
The latest sensor technology from Sony and ONSemi delivers exceptional images with high dynamic range, brilliant color reproduction and excellent NIR sensitivity in monochrome models. In addition to the full-feature 33 & 38-series and cost-effective single-board cameras of the 37-series, autofocus cameras and polarization cameras complete the broad camera portfolio.


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For more info aboutUSB3 Vision Cameras and our solutions:  
Klas Bengtsson / +46 730-766 721 / klas.bengtsson@recab.com
Glenn Abrahamsson / +46 702-355 685 / glenn.abrahamsson@recab.com

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