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KMF Conveyor produce the Japanese Wrap Conveyor. The system is a closed system (Pipe Conveyor) construction made ​​of stainless steel and belt of FDA aprovement for all kinds of powder and granular material transport for the food industry..

Wrap, or "Pipe conveyor" is a system developed to solve many of the problems, there are with standard conveyor systems. By charge of material, it is the open as a belt conveyor, immediately after charge, close the belt in a pipe which protect the material against being throwing around and getting damaged by unloading to another conveyor for changing transport direction. By discharge the belt is open again. When the belt is closed, also on the return side, there is no waste and contamination problems. The product to be transported is also protected against undetectable pollution, such as bugs etc. Wrap Conveyor curve in vertical and horizontal soft curves without discharge to another conveyor..
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