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Learn more from Brian Butler, Applications Engineer, about the unique benefits of the Type 2874HTC.

Type 2874HTC

Non-contacting, Metal Bellows, Outward Pumping Dual Pressurized Gas Lubricated Seal
Reliably sealing high and low temperature process fluids up to 425°C (800°F), the Type 2874HTC incorporates unique HTC (high-temperature, corrosion-resistant) metal bellows technology with non-contacting gas lubricated technologies.

The 2874HTC is a cost-effective alternative to conventional wet contacting seals supported by various piping plans that provide liquid barriers or quenches to the primary seal interface.

Instead of using a wet support system, the advantages of non-contacting gas lubricated technology can be used for reliable operation with either nitrogen, argon, or steam barrier significantly reducing your lifecycle costs.

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