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Data Respons partner ADLINK Announces ROScube-X’s Full Compatibility of StereoLabs's ZED X and ZED X Mini Stereo Cameras

Att: AMR Builders

ADLINK Enhances Robotic Vision with StereoLabs's ZED X Series Stereo Cameras

ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, announces that StereoLabs' ZED X series cameras are now fully compatible with ADLINK's advanced ROScube-X RQX-59 Series ROS 2 robotics controller. This development brings significant benefits to AMR builders by reducing the time spent on selecting cameras for robots' edge perception units. Moreover, it greatly decreases the development time required for creating camera drivers for integration. This seamless compatibility streamlines the entire process of incorporating advanced vision capabilities into robotics applications, resulting in a more efficient development cycle.

StereoLabs's ZED X Series Stereo Cameras: Advancing Robotic Vision
ZED X and ZED X Mini Stereo Cameras, with their Global Shutter sensors and high-resolution imaging, redefine robotic vision. The ZED X, built for harsh environments, excels in obstacle detection, while the ZED X Mini specializes in close-range tasks. Featuring rugged, IP67-rated enclosures and advanced Neural Depth Engine 2, these cameras provide enhanced depth perception and adapt to various lighting conditions. Their superior lens quality and multi-camera synchronization capabilities enable precise object detection and 3D positioning, making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor robotic applications.

ADLINK’s ROScube: Unparalleled Frame Sync for Real-Time Sensor Fusion
The ROScube-X RQX-59 series, powered by the 32GB AGX Orin, demonstrates a remarkable 200 TOPS AI performance, six times that of its predecessor AGX Xavier. It supports up to 8 GMSL2 or FPD-Link III cameras, enhancing situational awareness with its advanced frame sync technology for real-time sensor fusion. This precise synchronization is crucial for applications needing real-time data sync, calibration management, and complex computation handling, making the ROScube perfectly suited for autonomous driving and automated mobile robots.

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