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In 2015 Arla Foods decided to centralise their production of Quark and Skyr and expand the production capacity at their main facility in Upahl, therefore Arla Foods Upahl asked Eltronic to deliver a solution for their production IT.

Requirement was 100% integration and full traceability throughout the whole production.

Arla Foods Upahl

In the north-eastern part of Germany, Arla Foods Upahl is located and employs about 500 people. The Upahl site is beautifully situated in the countryside and contains state-of-the-art production facilities. The core competences of Upahl is organic products and Skyr and quark. The site contains many years of experience within the production of fermented fresh products. Many of the products manufactured at Arla Foods Upahl are exclusively for the European market.


Arla Foods wanted to include all production areas of the facility in Upahl in to one central IT solution, and they therefore requested a stable, reliable and scalable platform created in their own template. It was a requirement from Arla Foods that the IT solution was to be created in Arla Foods own standard template as this would reduce future costs of maintenance, further development etc.

Technical Solution

The solution delivered to Arla Foods in Upahl is based on software from Wonderware. Basically, the solution is a computerized system used in the production. The system enables Arla Foods to trace and document the transformation of ingredients into finished products. Additionally, it provides information helping the decision makers understand how to optimize the current production conditions in order to improve the production output. The solution works in real-time and enables control of multiple elements of the processes. Additionally, the solution included printers which are able to print dynamic values on the products according to the data provided from the production line, such as name, weight, expiry date etc.

The solution was based on Siemens SIMATIC S7 series (S7-1200 & S7-1500) combined with Wonderware System Platform, InTouch and Wonderware MES Operation.


For Arla Foods in Upahl, the project has resulted in an increase of the production output and a reduction of production costs. Production data has been made available to assist the operators in their daily work and to enable continuous optimization of the processes. The system has been designed in Arla Foods’ own template making it possible for Arla Foods to perform all maintenance and further development of the system on their own.

Overall, Arla Foods in Upahl is very satisfied with the solution supplied by Eltronic. Not only has the requested production expansion been achieved, Arla Foods has a future-proof production with full traceability.

Quote from Arla Foods Upahl

The site is satisfied with the implemented solution. It adds value to our production, making processes easier and less error prone. All units in the production line are receiving their data by the automated system. The automated efficiency data collection is the base for future ongoing improvements of our production lines.

The cooperation with Eltronic was professional and constructive, always being able to react flexible on changes. The delivery was implemented on time. Also a big advantage of driving projects with Eltronic is the great manpower and the many different subject areas they can deliver on. Hardware-Engineering, cabinets, software developing for PLC- and MES-Solutions, all together from a single hand.

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