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13. januar 2023

ITA - Italian Trade Agency supports the business development of Italian companies abroad, increases business opportunities, improves the image of ‘Made in Italy’, promotes industrial collaboration and foreign investment in Italy.

Find your Italian partner is a business directory with virtual showcases of Made in Italy companies

We offer you an overview of Italian businesses, including company profiles, products images and details, website, business proposals and contact information. Foreign companies or agent interested in Italian products or looking for partnership with Italian companies, can access the database with the profiles, searchable by sector or product, and find a business partner.

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ITA - Italian Trade Agency

ITA - Italian Trade Agency
Italienska Statens Utrikeshandelsbyrå
Korta gatan 7
171 54 Solna

Alessandra Giacomini
Telefon: +46 (0) 8248960

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