Cheese technology

18. februar 2023

The key to choose the right equipment is the cheese type, this table may be of help.

(Please note that only the main cheese catagories are listed).

As a leading global supplier of complete cheese plants to the dairy industry, Primodan offers a comprehensive selection of flexible and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of cheese types and sizes with wide-ranging moisture content and fat in dry matter.

Cheese Master plant

The CheeseMaster line is an automated,  modulised processing line for manufacturing all variations of EPC cheeses (European Pressed Cheese) – hard and semi-hard, round and rectangular, round eyed and with irregular eyes – in sizes from 1 kg to 50 kg´s(2.2 to 110 lbs/h) or more.

The CheeseMaster line has a proven track record for its outstanding performance and yield

Cheese technology and support

Primodans cheese process technology is the result of many years of experience and close co-operation with cheese manufacturers throughout the world.

Our experience and wide range of technologies means that we can configure and modulise a world-class solution for a particular cheese production line, and provide all necessary support and service.

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