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14. marts 2023

5G is predicted to take the consumer market by storm in 2021 and the ongoing investments in 5G technology and networks is the key foundation for a broader rollout of new value adding IoT applications.

However, the amazing opportunities in telecom technology cannot be unleashed unless its built on a scalable, robust, secure and state of the art software-based network.

This is where we come in.

The cross-industry trend of a more data driven, smarter and connected society is challenging existing telecoms infrastructures to provide connectivity, bandwidth and standard protocols supporting new services.

As a niche supplier of specialist development and test services we provide you support throughout the entire value chain in developing next generation networks (e.g. 5G and cellular IoT) and leverage new service opportunities from these networks.

We also have broad experience in developing customised IoT endpoints, infrastructure and applications ensuring a trusted security chain.

Got a project in mind? Why not contact us? Our specialists are ready to help current and future customers navigate their digital transition process.

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Data Respons Solutions

Data Respons Solutions
Smedeholm 10
2730 Herlev

Chris Sander
Telefon: +49 1631830279

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