Marel Meat - Primal Cutter

26. april 2022

Ensures highest productivity and yield percentages

  • Added value in the design of all individual working positions
  • Easy cleaning procedures
  • Easy to operate

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Fully automatic primal cutting ensures the highest productivity and yield percentages and minimizes the risk of operator errors. The individual pork carcass is visually photo-registered, and the information is sent to a computer that calculates the ideal cutting and makes sure that the carcass is positioned correctly in proportion to the circular cutters.

A red laser marking unit indicates where the cut separating the individual pieces should be laid. Once the pork carcass has been positioned correctly, the automated cutting takes place.

A fully automatic primal cutting system can handle up to 600 pork carcasses per hour, and can naturally be adjusted ergonomically in order to fit the individual operator. 

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