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26. april 2022

Hanging deboning with higher capacity for increased yields

  • Higher capacity
  • Increased yield
  • Improved logistics
  • Faster processing time

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The DeboFlex is an advanced inline, modular and flexible system for hanging deboning of pig fore-end, middle and leg.

Hanging deboning brings a lot of benefits including:

  • Increased "knife in meat" time
  • Ergonomics and no heavy lifting
  • Focus on specific process task
  • Better logistics of primal products
  • Improved shelf life

DeboFlex allows some operations to be done automatically and thus more quickly and accurately, resulting in a much more consistent end product. In the DeboFlex system, there is no product to product contact and far less cross-contaminating hand to product contact.

Enhanced processing time
With improved logistics, where products move smartly through the system in a controlled way and primals and trim fall into bins or onto a takeaway conveyor system, the processing time is automatically reduced.
This results in significant benefits, including reduced labor throughout the process as well as an improved product shelf life.

Benefits the overall work environment
The system is flexible in design, as well as in terms of where it can be positioned within the factory layout. The height of workstations can be adjusted according to operator requirements and preferences, and heavy lifting is virtually eliminated. This leads to an improved work environment, meaning less stress, and results in fewer work-related strain injuries.

Increased levels of hygiene
A limited number of contact points means a lower risk of contamination. The design also ensures less waiting time, meaning fewer products waiting in large tubs. Products pass rapidly through deboning, resulting in far fewer unplanned delays.


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