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Metal detector equipment for conveyor belt after mounting. etc!

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31. december 2023
EGE-Elektronik - Germany/Origin
MDV 3220 WR2 +MDS3065-SA
Metal detektor EN

Destructive and harmful metal parts can be difficult to locate in a moving material. EGE-Elektronik metal detectors secure a production plant, against destructive metal parts. Read more here about the different insert applications, where a metal detector can be inserted with advantage. A classic example of a metal detector insert is the entrance control at a brickyard factory, where the approach of many kinds of clayey soil to the production of bricks and bricks is checked for unwanted metal parts. Some of the pictures show a belt conveyor moving clay to the company's comminution machine, which consists of rotating knives and coarse splitting equipment. These shredding tools are often very sensitive to larger unwanted pieces of metal, which can cause damage and unnecessary wear and tear. The costs of unwanted metal parts in production are subsequently costly repairs, as well as downtime and deterioration of the production itself. Ege`s metal detectors can be sensitivity adjusted, and allow the user to adapt the detection to the desired metal part sizes, thus ensuring that the production process is optimized. Classic effort applications: * Metal entrance control in sawmills, where tree trunks are checked for metal parts before the saw blade cuts into the wood. * Metal entrance control in recycling plants, where i.a. gypsum boards are checked for nails, screws, fittings etc. before the boards are broken into pieces with splitting and cutting gear. * Metal entry control in the fishing industry, where mussel fishing from the seabed is checked for dumped metal waste before the catch is passed on into food production. * Metal entrance control at laundries, where dirty work clothes, etc. are checked for forgotten tools in the pockets before the washing process is started. How the system is built: Metal detector coil type MDS3065-SA, is the metal detecting part where the location is typically below or above the moving conveyor belt, or generally close to the physical material movement, in which possibly. unwanted metal parts are among. Electronics part type MDV 3220 WR2, is the monitoring part, which is connected to metaldetector coil, and is typically placed close to the conveyor belt or in a control cabinet.

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Type                                   Number                Designation
MU3300                          P81012                 Amplifier
MDV 3172 WR/2       P81010                 Amplifier
MDV 3172 WR/1       P81017                 Amplifier
MDV 3172 GR             P81011                 Amplifier
MDV3220 WR2         P81060                 Amplifier
MDV3220 GR              P81061                Amplifier
MDS3065-SA               P81054                Detekterings spole
MDS3065-SB               P81055                 Detekterings spole
MDS3095-SA               P81056                 Detekterings spole
MDS3095-SB               P81057                 Detekterings spole
NTG251                           P81030                 Støj filter
NTG255                           P81032                 Støj filter
DTG24                               P81063                Støj filter

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