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Yellow Cheese Equipment

HARD/SEMI HARD YELLOW CHEESE Primodan`s acquisition of the cheese equipment, formerly known as APV Cheese equipment, enables us to offer a wide range ...

White Chesse Equiment

Primodan has extensive experience in producing white Cheese (also known as Süzme Peynir (Turkey), Danish white or UF FETA CHEESE) filling machinery, a ...

The Primodan Multline

LINEAR FILLER The MULTILINE is designed for filling of liquid and semi-liquid products. All parts in contact with the products as well as support fram ...

The Primodan RT LINE

BUCKET FILLING FOR THE RETAIL MARKET The Primodan RT LINE for buckets is available with a capacity from 600 – 3,600 buckets/hour in 1-4 rows depending ...

The Primodan Moduline

LINEAR FILLER The MODULINE is designed with an open frame design allowing easy service access and cleaning. It is suitable for filling of liquid and s ...

The new Primodan ROT-O-MIN

ROTARY CUP FILLING AND SEALING MACHINE The ROT-O-MIN is designed for the filling of liquid, semi-liquid and dry products like set yoghurt, fruit yoghu ...

The new Primodan PRIMA

SMALL ROTARY FILLER The PRIMA filling and sealing machines are constructed for filling liquid, semi-liquid and dry products. The machines will fill an ...

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Primodan A/S
Skimmedevej 10
4390 Vipperød

Holbæk Kommune

Telefon: +45 59431479

CVR nummer: DK32776353

P nummer: 1015869972

Ansatte: 75

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