26. september 2022

RibetrilTM A, the patented active compound in MitoActiveTM, is a unique bioactive polyphenolalkaloid found only in specific varieties of red- and blackcurrants.

RibetrilTM A displays potent triple enzyme inhibition of IkappaB kinase ß (IKK-ß), phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) and phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5).

The triple enzyme inhibitory activity of MitoActiveTM makes sense on a whole new level.

Inhibition of PDE4 and PDE5 is linked to activation of PGC-1α, a principal regulator of mitochondrial biogenesis and function. PDE5 inhibition is also known for its ability to induce vascular smooth muscle relaxation.

Inhibition of IKK-ß is linked to improved tissue regeneration. IKK-ß is part of the inflammation cascade and related to risk of decreased tissue regeneration capacity.

Mitochondrial boosting by RibetrilTM A
The RibetrilTM A in MitoActiveTM stimulates mitochondrial amount and improves the mitochondrial ability to respond with increased energy output in muscle cells during stress.

These parameters are paramount in athletic performance.

Repeated Cooper Test

In a Cooper test on 5 trained athletes supplemented
with MitoActiveTM daily for 3 weeks, a significant
increase in performance after 2 and 3 weeks of 4.2%
and 4.5% compared to baseline was observed.
Figure 1 Performance in repeated Cooper tests (relative change). *p < 0.05, **p < 0.001

Studie fra Københavns Universitet

Daily treatment with MitoActiveTM or placebo in 31 highly trained athletes exposed to intensified training for 3 weeks supplementation resulted in prevention of an increase in lactic acid urinary excretion and prevention of a fall in pyruvic acid.
Urinary excretion seen in the placebo group at day 21 compared to day 1, indicating a decrease of anaerobic metabolism and better maintenance of aerobic metabolism in the treatment group.

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