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17. februar 2024

Primoreels® systems can be adapted to any type and brand of filling machine – old or new

The units are tailor-made to suit your specific needs. 

Primoreels® deliver a complete lidding solution, with both the dispensing system and the lids used in the system. Primoreels® systems have their own touch screen panels and controls, making them independent units.

You have a very user-friendly system

  • Lower margin for error compared with known alternatives.
  • Reels are easy to handle, install and remove, and they only weigh 10-12kg.

You lower the risk of cross contamination

  • Primoreels® are untouched by human hands, as opposed to die-cut lids that are fed into the filling machines manually. No risk of cross-contamination and higher food safety.
  • Primoreels® lids are UV-C treated on the underside immediately before sealing.

You have much less waste material

  • All waste material is removed at the Primoreels® production unit. The only waste from the lid reels at your facility is the cardboard reel itself and the sealed plastic bag in which the reels are delivered.

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