Sealable lids in a high thin quality

21. februar 2024

The unique Primoreels® technology allows our clients to use sealable lids in a quality as thin as 23 microns PET material.

For an improved quality experience on larger cup formats, we offer the slightly thicker quality of 36 microns.

  • Are offered in transparent, white or metallized PET with Combi heat seal lacquer
  • Sealable to PS/PP/PET/PVC etc.
  • Thickness 23 or 36 microns
  • High barrier properties
  • High puncture resistance
  • Easy peel
  • Low investment compared to the cost of the whole package

Up to 40,000 lids on a reel – enough for several hours of production, without manpower for refilling the filling machine with sealable lids

Suitable for yoghurt, ice cream, desserts, feta and other UF white cheeses, processed cream cheese, butter, salad spreads, dips and sauces, peanut butter, fruit salads, water and fruit juice, instant noodles and soups, snacks, etc.

  • Easy to install
  • Improved printing quality compared to traditional die cut lids with embossed surface
  • Highly hygienic system, including UV treatment as standard – but is also offered with a pulsed light “Claranor” system for the extra fragile products
  • Simple & efficient with a relatively low investment
  • Reduced storage and freight costs
  • More environmental friendly compared to die cut alu lids

Primoreels A/S

Primoreels A/S
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