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HighJump B2Bi Solutions Group is the leading provider of B2B integration and EDI in the Nordic countries. We connect companies digitally by integrating their ERP systems, enabling them to send and receive documents digitally, efficiently and smoothly.
We ensure a complete optimization through the digitization and automation of orders, invoices and other documents. We do not just measure our success by technical performance - our customers also expect us to integrate their new vendors and customers fast. Because we are able to do this, we provide our customers with a competitive advantage by increasing their business agility and reducing their time-to-market − and they do not have to worry about whether the underlying infrastructure can keep up.

Our EDI consultants are internationally recognized and the most experienced in the industry. They have unique knowledge of the specific conditions and quality demands of each industry, and they know how to manage different systems and standards. Therefore, HighJump B2Bi handles the majority of all transactions in more than 75% of the 20 largest companies in Denmark today.

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Truecommerce Denmark ApS
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