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Techon7 as new Dwin technology Agent/distributor in the Nordic markets

We are proud to announce our new role as agent/distributor for DWIN Technology co.. DWIN's innovative and high-tech products fit perfectly into our portfolio and we look forward to representing them in the Nordic markets. Our team will work closely with DWIN to ensure their customers receive the best service and support.

3. april 2027

To secure strong support and large market share, have DWIN decided to appoint Techon7 as their sales partner for the Nordic markets. The focus of the partnership is to create easy access for customers to the many series of UART based or Linux / Android based TFT displays. Both technical support and commercial support is important factors in todays fast moving electronic industries. 

Lars Nordberg-Hansen, sales business director at Techon7 says: Customization of the Display, Touch, Interface is today a key factor for OEMs to select the HMI partner. Today the HMI business is also a large software business, and this is why our support will focus on the practical usage of the tools around the HMI modules.

One of the unique products recently released are the DGUS II Chip on Film series. These HMI modules combines low cost and easy to use tools giving the customer an all-in-one HMI module ready to be integrate onto any system having UART interface or CAN bus.

For updated catalog and more information please contact:
Lars Nordberg-Hansen:  
M: LNH@techon7.dk
T: +45 7060 2777

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