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Klingspor KMT 614 - Small grinding mop for metal

Are you looking for a product that adapts perfectly to the contours of the workpiece when sanding and is designed for hand-held devices?

Then today's product of the week is just right for you.  

Our KMT 614 small sanding mop is the ideal tool for metalworking, but can also be used for processing wood or plastics.
It is particularly impressive thanks to its flexible flaps, which guarantee optimum adaptation to the contours of the workpiece. As only the edges of the sanding flaps come into contact with the workpiece surface during sanding, only the upper flaps wear down and fresh abrasive grit is constantly available.  

This results in a consistent sanding pattern throughout the entire service life of the small abrasive mop.  

Please visit our webportal for more details at https://www.klingspor.dk/sortiment/slibehjul/kmt-614
- Or contact us either by phone +45 7633 3333 or e-mail 24h@klingspor.dk

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